Rates are non-negotiable and must be provided in the currency of the city in which we are meeting. 

My rates remain the same for individuals and couples, and I enjoy seeing people of all genders, races, and abilities.

Every rendezvous of five hours or longer must include social time in public and a meal.

Please note that I only accept the currency of the country in which we are meeting.

If you wish to see me for a time longer than those listed, enquire about social rates, or discuss travel, 

please contact me so that we can create a bespoke experience together.


1 hour$500 CAD€350 Euro$650 USD
1.5 hour$650 CAD€500 Euro$900 USD
2 hour$850 CAD€650 Euro$1200 USD
3 hour$1250 CAD€950 Euro$1800 USD
5 hour$1750 CAD€1300 Euro$2100 USD
12 hours$3500 CAD€2500 Euro$4200 USD
18 hours$4200 CAD€3200 Euro$4900 USD
24 hours$4900 CAD€3700 Euro$5500 USD


 For all outcalls under three hours outside of the greater downtown area, I require an additonal outcall fee.

All cancellations require 24 hours notice or you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

Celebrity & Public Figure confidentiality agreements welcome.

Deposits are transferable but non-refundable.